C & J Trucking is one of the major players in the San Juan basin in New Mexico. Mike and Lori’s company now provides a full spectrum of energy related services including rental equipment, light plants and filtering services.

When duty calls, C & J’s big rigs move frac tanks into place and then C & J’s army of water trucks goes to work filling those tanks up and afterwards providing stand-by services for the job. After a frac operation is completed, the water trucks go back to their normal routine of hauling the millions of gallons of water produced from various locations to the closest recycling and disposal site.
When those operations are completed, the big rigs move the frac tanks again to the next job location and the cycle that C & J safely and professionally provides to their customers starts all over again.

C & J Trucking’s oilfield customers are a demanding group with very high standards that require professionalism, dedication and above all a great safety record. C & J answers their call with all of that as well as respect, courtesy and a smile. This September, Michael and Lori celebrated their company’s 20th year in business. “What an adventure it’s been” says owner Mike Kitts, and he means it! On average they employ 30 people in New Mexico’s San Juan basin. They know that every day they hold the future of 30 families in their hands, a responsibility Mike and Lori take very seriously. On a personal note: Mike and Lori Kitts are some of the very finest people the crew of Bruckner Truck Sales in Farmington New Mexico knows and we are proud to call them friends as well as customers.